McNett Ankle Weights 3.3lb

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Product information

The McNett "Durward ANKL WEIGHTS" utilise a comfortable, form-fitting design along with rugged construction. Lead-shot is encased in a tough flexible tube then covered with stretch fabric and sealed with stainless steel bands. Easy draining Delrin buckles securely fasten the weights but can be quickly and easily released with one hand.
Ankle weights reduce leg and fin buoyancy and minimise back stress allowing for a more comfortable dive. Many divers find back stress a problem.The buoyancy of an exposure suit is distributed along the entire body with over half of it below the waist. A weight belt counteracts this buoyancy at only one point, the lower back. Ankle weights reduce back strain by distributing the diver's weight more evenly. When drysuit diving air migration towards the lower legs and feet can cause discomfort, instability and even a feet first ascent. Ankle weights give a diver more control over body position and minimises the tendency for feet to rise.
  • Regular fit for ankle sizes 11" to 13" (measurement taken over suit)
  • Form fitting design
  • Quick release buckles
  • 3.3lb ( 1.5kg ) per pair

Technical specifications

Brand McNett


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