Drysuits for Surface Sports

Drysuits are made from carefully selected materials to give the best combination of durability and performance. With the correct care you will gain the maximum life from your suit. Always rinse your suit after use in clean water. Pay particular attention to remove any sand or foreign matter from the zips. Keep the zip well lubricated as this will make the zip easier to open and close. Care should be taken when putting seals on, never attempt to pull the sleeve of the suit to force the seal to come over the hand. If necessary lubricate the seal with pure talc or one of the other products for donning dry suit seals and use your other hand to ease the seal on by putting your fingers into the seal and pushing the seal on. Some of the seals are neoprene and have a stitched construction and excessive pulling can damage the seams, always handle with care. Correct and careful handling will greatly prolong the life of your seals. When getting your head through the neck seal, don't pull down on the suit, this can cause damage to the inner tape, use both hands to open up the neck seal from the top and ease it carefully down over your head. The suits have either latex or fabric feet and kitting up on a protective surface is recommended. Never walk around until you have put on wet boots or shoes to protect the feet. Always ensure that latex seals are dry before putting away for any period of time and a sprinkling of pure talc inside the seals will prevent them from sticking together. 
All suits come with some care and maintenance information.
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