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Seac X5 Ice Regulator and Octopus
The Seac X5 Ice regulator is a balanced diaphram first stage with a special cold water kit.
Aqualung Core Supreme stage 3 set DIN
The CORE regulator’s amazing breathing, coupled with its generous features, at an attractive mid-range price, provides the best value of any regulator offered today.
Aqualung Legend LX Supreme Twilight Din Regulator
The Legend LX Supreme is an excellent regulator for cold water diving. The ​Supreme versions are rated for water colder than 50°F / 10°C. This regulator comes packed with features to make it a great choice for UK diving right throughout the year in all water conditions.
Apeks Black Sapphire Regulator
Limited-edition anniversary regulator celebrating 40 years of Apeks regulators.