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Dive Accessories

IST Tank Banger
A great way for attracting attention underwater.
IST Air Nozzel
Can be used for inflation of DSMB's and lift bags. S
Submerge Travel Spool Reel with Handle
30m/100ft of line with brass clip.
Oceanic Magnet Octopus Holder
Strong magnetic octo holder. Simple and very effective.
Submerge Folding Lock Titanium Knife.
A compact folding pocket lock knife ideal for use with a BCD.
Buddy Self Sealing Delayed SMB
Robust, bright and easily seen self sealing delayed Surface Marker Buoy.
Buddy BK15 5" Cylinder Twinning Bands
Quick and simple, no tools required.
Buddy BK16   7'' Twinning Bands
A quick and easy way of twinning independent cylinders on any Buddy BCD.
Apeks 45m Spool Kit