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Boat Maintenance Products

August Race are now widely acknowledged for producing market-leading Rib maintenance products to the worlds Rib community.  These products are Liquid Rib, Liquid Rib UV, Vinyl Bright, Bright Coat, Boat Wash Pro and Smooth Opacity Polish UV.

August Race manufacture a range of market leading valeting and maintenance products for yachts and dinghies, as used by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Products include Smooth Opacity Polish UV, Boat Wash Pro, Bright Coat, Vinyl Bright, and Super Quick Shine UV.

These products can be used on a variety of other marine craft.
August Race Vinyl Bright 1 Litre
Vinyl rejuvenator, cleaner and restorer.
August Race Liquid Rib UV 1 Litre
Rib tube UV protector.
August Race Super Quick Shine UV 1 Litre
Fast valet UV spray wax.